Sienna Loren Designs

My sister an I were inspired after visiting numerous flea markets and seeing gorgeous handmade hair adornments that were fabulous yet outrageously overpriced. So we decided to make a line that was priced for the stylish girl on a budget! Each piece is handcrafted with tons of love *and made while Buddhist hymns are chanted (jk ;D) Lengths, color, and feathers vary and we accept color and variation requests. We also offer key chains as well as hair clips. Please Contact or for ordering or go to OUR ETSY PAGE. Also “Like” us on facebook HERE!


7 responses to “Sienna Loren Designs

  1. Teri Mann (jeffers 2nd. mom)

    I really enjoyed this site and look forward to meeting you soon, Joel raves about you, Kody approves and my Jeffers is smitten so you are ok in my book. Tell Jeff to bring you by soon.
    Now my question for the fashion guru is please tell me Cargo pants are making a come back?
    Look forward to meeting you

  2. Aw thanks so much for checking it out! Im glad everyone approves 🙂 ive heard so many wonderful things about Jeff’s second momma! and YES! Thank the lord cargo’s are back and better then ever! Lol!
    Hope to meet you very soon!

  3. hello,

    Do you have an email addy i can contact you at about your blog? can you email me back? Thank you!

  4. Barbara Lifter

    Your pictures are more than beautiful! You are beautiful on the inside as well. Just as Teri has said, we look forward to meeting you SOON! If you make Jeff happy, then you make me happy!! He is very special to us!! He, too, ranks up there with the “special people”. I am very blessed to have special people in my life and hope to include as one of them.
    Jeff’s Grandma,

  5. Barbara Lifter

    Oh duh! That was supposed to be “include YOU —“.

  6. Michael McGrady

    Great site honey. Very Hip, very current, very informative, very YOU.
    I love you so very much. You make me proud.
    Daddy xoxoxo

  7. René Dorday

    lovely greetings of your first fan from germany – hunter…
    I didn´t know that you have such an amzing web site… and your pics – awsome!

    hopefully we will see each other next summer

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