Im so sorry I have been a big bad lazy blogger lately! Ive been SWAMPED with things like eating and reminding people that my birthday is in less then two weeks. Which it is. YUP! 18 here I come baby! I cannot believe it.. I’m sure my family hates me because the first thing they here before “Goodmorning” is “T-Minus 14 days!!!” and for some reason, I know there is a million things that I’ll be able to do once I AM 18, but Im more excited about getting the blue line off my license. Wierd right? Idk im a nutcase as it is so those things excite me. But in all seriousness, I have been very busy and apologize to those who have asked me where I have been and why I havent been blogging everyday! EEEKK! I promise im going to try to every other day if not everyday. Spring has Sprung! my back is CRISPY and I have been soaking in ALOE VERA like its my job for the past few days! OUCH. Sunscreen people.. dont be stupid like me!

anyways, I leave you with this picture because this headdress is bananas and needs to be on my head on the daily. I just need to order a Vente Soy Chai Tea at Starbucks just ONCE in this bad boy. I love.



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2 responses to “Im SORRY!

  1. Michaela

    lol you walk up and Emily is like “oh hey Hunter” you’re just standing there in this and freec cities like hay gurlll can i getz mi a chai latee mmmmmkkkkk”

  2. Aji

    More and then some.
    Thank you.

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