Target Go International

Open Ceremony brings us a video they made presumably for fun to help Target celebrate 5 years of their Target Go International designer collections slash launch of the reissues of 34 of the best of the Target collaboration dresses. The video features the girls of the Bad News Step Team from Wings Academy in the Bronx. And these girls are good. I did have some trouble believing this entire lot of teenage girls all had vision problems that required them to specifically wear black rimmed glasses. But, I’m guessing the minds at Opening Ceremony decided it would make the girls look more hipstery or something. Other than that being fairly distracting, great video. These girls got moves. And those dresses look good moving. Target’s reissues of the best of the the Go International collection designer collab dresses hit your favorite Target stores March 13th.


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  1. voodoo couture vintage

    I love steppping, and those dresses all look sooo vintage!

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