Sally Hansen Salon Effects

So I went to Target and as I’m walking down the beauty isles, this little gem caught my eye.. Sally Hansen Salon Effects. I have heard about them but figured I would try them out for myself.. It is a nail sticker-like applicant that stays on for 10 days (well so it says!) I really liked the “GIRL FLOWER” one because it had sort of a hippy feel to it. Saw it. Loved it. Bought it. ($9.99 total) (I went home and imediatley took off my nail polish with 100%acetone so that it gives me a complete clean slate and no residue left behind.<<< Just a quick tip!) I am a nail polish freak so obviously I was really stoked on this little 10$ splurge. Below are pics of the experience.. Im goin back for the sparkly ones and save it for an exciting event. They lasted about 7 days but then I got bored and slabbed on some O.P.I Ink and called it a day! Go out and try it! Its quick, easy, and super fun. 


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