So if you really know me well then you would know I have a profound love for Lindsay Lohan. Whether she’s sober or not(Don’t judge). While Lindsay was in rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic this past November, Lindsay was excused to leave the rehabilitation center for a photoshoot. No details were ever given to the media world as to what was really going on. Finally we have figured out what exactly went on; Lindsay was being photographed by the famous photographer Adam Secore. Adam explains to E! News saying, “Shooting Lindsay was inspirational for me as an artist, she’s so beautiful. I consider her a muse and a friend. This image evokes whimsy fragility and at the same time depth of character and strength. Both haunting and inspiring at the same time.” Wow I wish I was in Adam’s shoes. Anyways, if your wondering, yes this is Lindsay in her sober self and it looks being sober is doing her some justice. Also recently Lindsay has been continuously drug tested after her release from rehab in early January and she has passed all tests showing signs of change as she hasn’t set foot in a club sense her arrest last year. Possible Hollywood comeback? Hopefully! (Via 80’s purple)


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