I Love Me Some Nikki














It was during a radio interview last summer to promote Kanye West’s new single, “Monster”—a psych-rap posse track featuring Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Iver—West declared Nicki to be “the scariest artist in the game right now—she has the most potential to be the number two rapper of all time.” (Number one, in Kanye’s mind, being Eminem.) In 2010, Nicki was enjoying heavy media buzz following a series of underground mixtapes and a record for the most simultaneous entries in the Billboard Hot 100 by a female MC, with six of those seven singles featuring her as the guest on records by male artists. With no doubt Nicki’s verse in “Monster” besting all the dudes assembled on the track. She was in demand and she knew it. And by the time she did have an album out that debuted called Pink Friday, which was released on Universal Motown at the end of November—the mainstream music press had already anointed her the new queen of hip hop. Now Nicki is on the cover V magazine as a “new discovery”. Nicki’s cover may be somewhat subtle but if you were wondering where the pink-wigged out, multi-talented, and crazy girl had gone then just turn to page 72 on the V69 issue on newsstands now to see what we all expected from this delightful diva.


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