7 Mos. Prego Rachel Zoe


















A seven months pregnant Rachel Zoe (yes, that is what seven months of giant growing baby looks like on Rachel Zoe) talked to WWD about season 4 of the the Rachel Zoe project, the pending Oscars, that baby inside of her, life sans Taylor and Brad, and her new line. Zoe dropped the boho-glam thing for a tailored outerwear heavy collection that Zoe anticipates will be racked somewhere between Diane Von Furstenberg and Marc by Marc. The line will be priced in the 250 to 700 dollar range and anticipated to be carried in the high end department stores. Season 4 of the Rachel Zoe Project is going to be heavy on baby and less so on fashion week, since the mom-to-be had to slow it down per doctor’s orders. And in pregnancy making Rachel Zoe more human news, she is having a boy. I hope she names him Brad.


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