Chanel’s New Lady

The rumors have finally been confirmed to be true… Blake Lively is Chanel‘s Official Ambassador for the Chanel Mademoiselle collection. For pretty much all of 2010, Blake Lively was following Chanel wherever it went. Every Chanel event she was for sure there in attendance. Not only that but Blake wore Chanel like no tomorrow. Her wardrobe usually always has some Chanel piece, whether it’s a dress, heels, handbag, or accessories. Blake was basically the face of Chanel for 2010. Looks like all that has paid off because now she has an official title. Blake was first widely introduced into the Chanel world when Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour introduced the two. Sense then they bonded as friends. Lagerfeld describes her as “a kind of American dream girl.” Karl Lagerfeld is known to be a pretty crass and forward person usually not the type to compliment much or anyone, so the fact that he is always praising Blake must mean something to him. Congrats, Miss Lively!


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