Introducing Sienna Loren Designs®

My sister an I were inspired after visiting numerous flea markets and seeing gorgeous handmade hair adornments that were fabulous yet outrageously overpriced. So we decided to make a line that was priced for the stylish girl on a budget! Each piece is handcrafted with tons of love *and made while Buddhist hymns are chanted* (JK 😉 ) Lengths,color, and feathers vary and we accept color and variation requests. We also offer key chains as well as hair clips. These gems are selling like hot cakes, so get on it for a christmas gift or a treat for yourself! Pictures of each piece will be up shortly. Please contact me at or Michaela at

Prices are listed below:

  • Long(past shoulder) earring- $15 each
  • Shoulder length earring- $12
  • Pair-$25 depending on length and feathers ($30 max)
  • Hair clips-$15
  • Key chains-$10

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