Hautelook-Miracle Hydrate in the WinterNourish Discovery Day

Miracle Hydrate is now on HauteLook.com Join Hautlook.com for free and get 55% off of Miracle Hydrate MH3 during their Winter Nourash Discovery day, limited time while supplies last. Starts December 10.

A little about Miracle Hydrate:

Set includes: Repair/Prepare Cellular Exfoliating Scrub(3.4 oz.), Hemp Age Reversing Lotion(5.1 oz.), N ject Line Elimination Serum(1.0 oz.), N dulge Extreme Regeneration Moisture(1.0 oz.)N Vision Wrinkle reverse eyes (0.5 oz.)

Repair/Prepare Cellular Exfoliating Scrub: Purifies and deep cleans with Jojoba-infused micro beads, and anti-oxidants of grape seed and green tea extract.

Hemp Age Reversing Lotion: Re-animate all-over skin with Hemp, a natural source of linolenic and linoleic essential fatty acids that increase cellular communication to influence moisture content; help reduce the appearance of age spots, diminish surface imperfections and regenerate softer, smoother skin on hands and body.

N ject Line Elimination Serum: The jewel in the line virtually freezes age-related activity to slow down and in some cases, visibly reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and discoloration with Viper-simulated InnoVenom & the exclusive InnoVenom TriPlexiCom.

N dulge Extreme Regeneration Moisture: Includes the time release Hyaluronic filling spheres to plump up skin where needed, stimulating collagen production and helping minimize lines. Help relax facial tensions with Viper-simulated InnoVenom.

N Vision Wrinkle reverse eyes: Help relax lines, wrinkles & crow’s feet with Viper-simulated Innovenom & the exclusive Innovenom to sculpt & contour, reduce puffiness, combat dark circles & envision brighter skin.

Get it while its there! Amazing deal, I use it every single day. Happy Holidays!


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