It’s no shock to anyone anymore to see pop star Ke$ha covered in glitter and garbage-chic outfits but what actually shocked me most recently was Ke$ha’s latest cover and spread in Complex magazine for the December/January 2011 issue. Ke$ha is seen without a speck of glitter or a dress made of trash bags! It’s truly a shock. Instead the rebellious pop princess is seen wearing young and fun vintage tees and her hair seems much more tamed with a strong defining red lipstick. This is a look I believe we can all agree looks great on Ke$ha. Though I’m sure she’ll never abandon her glitter, Ke$ha sure knows how to show us all that she can look fun without all the glitter. Ke$ha tells Complex magazine in her interview “I was trying to look super hot. I like to poke fun at when people make fun of me, because I don’t take myself that seriously. People say I’m ‘garbage chic’ so I thought I’d take it to the next level and make a garbage bag super fucking chic—and I succeeded!” Good to see Ke$ha likes to have lots of fun with fashion and also great to see that this girl isn’t tied town to glitter and garbage.


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