Toilet Paper Roll Art!

Paper is going out of style. The book shelves are less full. The magazine stands are sparse.  When I am forced to use a pen, my brain simply stabs at the paper like it’s typing on keys.  The only mail i get is junk mail.  And i never have paper in my purse to wrap my gum in, like i did in yesteryears. But, one kind of paper that neither the internet nor the recession has affected is toilet paper. An electronic option isn’t available for your Kindle or Ipad. And there is as of now no app ‘for that.’  So we continue to use toilet paper for our bathrooming needs like it’s the 90s. With that i bring you the art of French painter/collage artist Anastassia Elias who creates amazing tiny scenes in toilet paper rolls. They are like a diorama meets a kaleidoscope. And they are really cool to look at, on or off the toilet.(Via 80’s purple)



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