Get on muh feet. Warm muh toes

How cute are these lace-up socks.“These socks were inspired by ballerina slippers,” explains Marni’s Consuelo Castiglioni. “I thought that making them in cotton jersey and ribbon would add something graphic and feminine to a platform sandal or pump.” In totally agreement. I loved when Betsey Johnson did these a while back. The thing is these Marni socks are nothing but a little bit fancier than Betsey’s 14.95 creations, cost 85 dollars, and are available for preorder prior to their November 15 release. That seems a little much for an item we have seen before at far lower fashion prices. But if your fashion loins need yourself a pair of adorable lace-up ballerina-esque socks to spice up your heels, and you are sad  you didn’t get yourself a pair of Betsey Johnson ones when you had the chance, do not fear. I found an even cheaper version here. Yup for 7.95. Via 80s purple.


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