Nauseating to an extent- VOGUE PARIS

Don’t get me wrong.. the love i have for food is stupid. But this.. THIS just makes me want to VOM. Am i right? Do we all feel the same on this? And i hate the stereotype that models dont eat! I’ve been modeling since i was out of the womb and most models I have worked with eat more then most of my guy friends! It’s what you eat and what you do to burn it off is what does it! Dont get it twisted.

“In the October 2010 issue of Vogue Paris, plus size supermodel Crystal Renn is shot by Terry Richardson devouring large amounts of messy and frightening foods.  People have found these shots to be a representation of how models don’t eat and how they feel on the inside, while others believe this is just another creepy photo shoot done by the infamous and always over sexual Terry Richardson considering Crystal’s over the top sexual looks.  Of course Crystal looks beautiful as ever with her glowing skin and beautiful eyebrows and the colors of the clothing combined with the colors of the food gives the images a little something extra but I’m still wondering if this is really necessary for Vogue Paris’ 90th anniversary edition of their magazine…”


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