One for One

So I’m sure you all have heard the hype about TOMS Shoes. Heres the low down- TOMS shoes was founded on a simple premise:With every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need. Many children in developing countries grow up barefoot which means they are at a high risk of numerous things. It started off as a dream to help others and spiraled into a HUGE phenominon, not only do you get the pleasure of helping a child in need but its a plus that THEY’RE SO CUTE & come in all different ways and colors now. Below is the link to buy along with some of my favorites from the TOMS family. P.S. (Ladies-They just came out with wedge TOMS! How perfect for summer!)

TOMS website

Ash Canvas Women's Wedge

Tyler Ramsey hand painted women's

Black Suede classics


Yours truly rockin the red canvas!


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