Size 2,size 12, WHATEVER!

Crystal Renn, Alessandra Ambrosio and Brooklyn Decker were in there bikinis for this months June issue of Glamour Magazine, looking pretty under the headline: “Size 2, size 12, Whatever! They All Look Hot to Us”

How do you stay in shape?

CRYSTAL RENN: Over Christmas I went hiking in Patagonia, and I fell in love with activity again. On the mountain, it’s about feeling proud that my body allows me to see such beautiful things.

You don’t have a rail-thin build. Was it hard to find your place [in modeling]?

BROOKLYN DECKER: I got successful once I accepted I’m athletic, I have boobs. I set my own standard.

You were seen as a “curvy” model at Prada this spring, but I read a blog saying you’re “too skinny.” What gives?

ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO: It’s always a drama. If I know I’m healthy, that’s all that matters.


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